Camp Beds






MEDI help offers different variants CAMP BEDS, wich are ideal for use in military field hospitals or humanitarian missions.

Camp Bed 1, foldable, stackable with mattress on range, Camp Bed 2 is formed of a mounting kit and

can be assembled as bunk-bed and is avaible in single transport bags or available in 10 blocks in a special pallet.

CAMP BED 1  MEDI help  210 158

for field hospitals


foldable, stackable


Mattress remains in the collapsed of the bed to the lying surface. Ideal for storage and transport




4 x Increases tubes                        210 164

4 x Soil-protection                           210 366

Special Pallet                                210 750c   

Spezial Mattress                             210 240


Up to 11 beds so stacked on a special pallet above the other 

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CAMP BED 2  MEDI help  210 360

for field hospital


Mounting kit consisting of different parts

provided as well as a bed made of tarpulin material

with 2 tightening straps

Easy installation without tools













The beds are optionally each per piece in a

practical shoulder bag











Special feature:

2 identical beds can built one above the other on a bunk bed           

or delivered 10 pieces in a special wooden pallet

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Special mattress                         210 361

2 x H-parts                                  210 362

4 x Soil protection                       210 366

Replacement tarpulin frame        210 365

Adjustable Backrest                    210 364