Camp Bed 1 MEDI help  210 158 

A logistic revolution


The ideal furniture for a fast, efficient use at low cost, whether it is in military hospitals and clinics, first help tents or areas toouched by natural disasters. 

The storage and transport of this furniture allows space and volume sawings. It can be installed very fast, without any tools. No part has to be added or removed. The MEDI help Hospital Equipment was developed to improve conditions of care around the world. 

Camp Bed 1  MEDI help  210 158    

folding, stackable


L x B x H : 2000 x 750 x 550 mm,

Tubular steel construction in RAL 7035,

waschable, desinfectable

OPTION: Lifting pole with welding socket 210 160

with Special Mattress  RG 24  210 240

2000 x 750 x 80 mm,     

                                                                              Up to 11 Camp Bed 1 can be stacked in a special                                                                                     pallet 210 750 one abowe the other.





                                                  Special pallet for re-stacking 

                                                  Keep after use                                       




The Camp Bed 1  210 158 are always delivered with Special Mattress 210 140. 

They can remain on the beds in the folded position.


Other options can also be laid flat on the bed surface before stacking the beds. 



Simple construction


Foot lift, move outwards ans engage from below in the stack pipes. Then fix header in the same way

Higher mattress frame

The Camp Bed 1 has a 2-section lying urface, with height-adjustable backrest by raster device. 


In the middle of the bed frame to the headboard a holding tube can be welded for receiving a Lifting Pole  210 160


Various positions are adjustable such as:

  • Centred on the patient

  • Parallel  to the edge of the bed  


The lifting Pole is equipped with a trapez with adjustable straps.

To obtain a deck surface height over 550 mm, it is possible to install over developpment of the head and foot section, extension tubes on the bed legs. They allow an increase of up to 165 mm 



 -  Lifting Pole w. welding socket,  RAL 7035        210 160


 -  IV Rod, Clamp device or welding sockets        220 245


 -  4 Extension tubes for up to 165 + mm             210 164 


 -  Docu Holder Canvas, Velcro fixing                   220 231