Camp Bed 2  MEDI help  210 360

A logistic revolution


The ideal furniture for a fast, efficient use at low cost, whether it is in military hospitals and clinics, first help tents or areas toouched by natural disasters. 

The storage and transport of this furniture allows space and volume sawings. It can be installed very fast, without any tools. No part has to be added or removed. The MEDI help Hospital Equipment was developed to improve conditions of care around the world. 

Camp Bed 2  MEDI help  210 360

for field hospitals


Structure in steel epoxy colour 1970 x 750 mm

Mounting kit consisting of several parts, as well as a

tarp sleeping with stabilizer straps, washable and disinfected 


- Height of mattress frame: 510 mm


- Packed in a Transport Bag 210 365 

                     (1000 x 770 x 140 mm)



2 beds can be bunk with 

Special H-Profiles Pair  210 362

without any tools.




Total height: 1400 mm





- Special-Mattress  210 361

  1800 x 600 x 35 mm, RG 24,


  green or sky blue

  with washable PVC cover  


  Can also be stored in the transport bag 




- 4 Set of 4 plates floor protector    210 366


- IV Rod for Camp Bed 2 


  epoxy colour       220 245 E


  chrome               220 245 I


   Pin hole on the pipe at the head can be       provided accordingly.

Adjustable backrest  210 364


  Specially designed for mounting on the Camp Bed 2

  with attached hooks on the tubes of the bed frame.

  To prevent slippage of the backrest towards the rear.


  Height adjustable by ratchet mechanism (63°)


  Height                    560 mm

  Internal width          500 mm

  Overall width           570 mm



It is possible for transport to dispense the individual pockets 210 365 and to transport a greater amount of beds. Such all items can be stored for 10 Camp Bed 2 in a Special Transport Pallet 221 750.

Dimensions 820 x 800 x 820 mm.

The various metal parts to be stored securely separated from each other. The rolled slabs of special-plane also find their place in it. 



- Special Pallet for 10 Camp Bed 2  210 750