Accessories - Options for Beds "small" 750 mm

Thanks to innovative design and stacking capabilities of MEDI help beds, a large amount of beds can be transported without much loss of space and volume. And can be placed:,



In one 20-feet shelter   50 Beds  


In one 40-feet shelter 140 Beds


Special Pallet

Special Pallet MEDI help 275 750

for pile up 10 beds with 750 mm wide

(1950 x 830 x 150 mm)




The beds must be stacked in folded position on a special pallet.


Thus up to 10 beds can be placed one on the other. 

Special Mattress

Special Mattress MEDI help 275 240

with pliacation and polyurethane cover


For beds with mattress frame with 750mm wide


2060 x 730 x 120 mm , RG 35


Foam classified M4. According to Directive D1 bis 89, und D1 90 des GPEM/CP.

Also consistent with the Norm NF 507 Part 1 and 2.


Supplied in roll vacuum, 8,5 kg.



Cover Jersey Polyester Trevira CS with Polyurethane 160 g / m2, classified M1 .

Easely removable by a slide fastener length and width.

The cover is washable at 95°C, desinfected by autoclaving at 105°C. 


Permanent treatment "Anti-Bacteria"  

Polyurethane Cover 2060 mm 275 241

for Mattress 2060 mm x 730 mm  275 240







Cover as described above,

with zipper on 2 sides, washable at 95° C and desinfected by autoclaving to 105° C. 

Mattress Extension 275 242

150 x 730 x 120 mm (without cover),

35 kg/m3



Polyurethane Cover 2160 mm 275 243

for 1 Mattress 2060 mm x 730 mm 275 240

and 1 Mattress Extension 150 mm

275 242 = 2160 mm









Cover as described above,

with zipper on 2 sides, washable at 95° C and desinfected by autoclaving to 105° C. 

Polyurethane Cover 2310 mm 275 244

for 1 Mattress 2060 mm x 730 mm 275 240

ad 2 Mattress Extensions 150 mm

275 242 = 2310 mm






Cover as described above,

with zipper on 2 sides, washable at 95° C and desinfected by autoclaving to 105° C. 

Special Side Rails MEDI help 220 230

Pair, folding

Epoxy colour grey / blue


NSN: 6530-12-357-8230





According to Norm NF EN 60601-2-52

                             Distance backsplash and head rail  <= 60 mm

                             Length side rails >= 2/3 the distance between head and foot backsplash

                             Distance between top side side rail above the mattress >= 220 mm

Spezial Seitengitter



Special Side Rails MEDI help can stay mounted on folded beds, stacked on special Pallet. 


Going up along the barriers and backsplash head and feet of the top of the pile of bed, it is formed as a "cage" in wich can be placed mattresses and options for these beds. 


Ideal for stocking and transport.

Fixation Special Side Rails with:


System remotely and captive screws 220 247



(extra charge)


Allows you to fold the head and ffot end of the bed without bumping against the barriers mounted on bed. 



MEDI help Hospital Beds of older generation can be completed also by new Side RAILS 220 230. For this was designed Adapter Kit 220 231 whose various elements must be mounted before according to user manual 


Adapter Kit for folding Side Rails MEDI help 220 231

Special Lifting Pole

Lifting Pole MEDI help 220 235  

epoxy colour

with strap and triangle 


Resistance 75 kg


also available in chrome 220 235c




















Lifting Pole Strong MEDI help  220 235s

epoxy colour

with strap and triangle


Resistance 135 kg

Special  IV Rod


Telescopic IV Rod MEDI help 220 245e

epoxy colours



also available in chrome 220 245c







                                          Attaching  Special IV Rods 220 245e und 220 245c

                                          on the bed only with system of 




                                           4 Sockets for IV Rod 220 246  (Extra charge)




Telescopic IV Rod ALU MEDI help 220 245

2 Hooks,

fastening clamp to the bed head- or footboard 

Documentation and storage systems

* Fixing on stretchers

Record-Holder-Bag MEDI help 120 145


460 x 260 x 50 mm

Green or blue tarp fabric with

transparent pocket A4 on the front face


Also allows the storage patient personal





* Fixing at Hospital Beds

Doku-Bag MEDI help 220 231


315 x 265 (235) x 15 mm

Green or blue tarp fabric

with 3 velcro straps fastening

and clear pocket DIN A4 on the

front face 

Transport-Box MEDI help 220 232


340 x 320 x 50 mm

Ruggeg grey PVC, grau, thickness 2mm 

Clamp Board A4  MEDI help 220 233


Size 210 x 297 mm


                  (Also available A4 in height)


white 3 mm polystyrene

with clip for papers and 2 hooks 


Spare parts......Spare parts.......Spare parts.......Spare parts

                                        Wheel 100 mm, with brake 220 117










Gas Spring Backrest  220 702




Cylinder with lock shock position 220 714