Hospital Electric Bed 220 900

A logistic revolution


The ideal furniture for a fast, efficient use at low cost, whether it is in military hospitals and clinics, first help tents or areas toouched by natural disasters. 

The storage and transport of this furniture allows space and volume sawings. It can be installed very fast, without any tools. No part has to be added or removed. The MEDI help Hospital Equipment was developed to improve conditions of care around the world. It is patented and CE homologated 














Hospital Electric Bed MEDI help 220 900

for Intensive Care / Resuscitate

folding, stackable   














Intensiv Care / Resuscitate

                              Tilt position


                        and Anti-Trendelenburg


       Remote maintenance only for nursing staff

  •   Non corrosive steel frame in a choice of epoxy colours

  •   Washable, easy to disinfect

  •   Patient load rating: 170 kg

  •   Vertical adjustment of the mattress frame from 425 to 680 mm

  •   Mattress frame 2080 x 900 mm, 4 sections

  •   Mattress frame extendable up to 150 mm either at head or food end

  •   Adjustment bust section from 0° to 60°

  •   Emergency lowering device for the bust section

  •   Adjustment thigh leans by hand from 0° to 42°

  •   Adjustment feet section by hand from 0° to 16°

  •   Trendelenburg adjustment to 20°

  •   Anti-Trendelenburg adjustment to 16,5°

  •   Head and foot ends can be remote quickly (cardio-massage...)

  •   4 wheels 100 mm with brake

  •   Height when folded 265 mm

  •   Dimension bed folded: 2200 x 900 x 265 mm

  •   10 beds stackable of a special pallet 220 750

  •   Weight: 94 kg

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