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The unique advantages of this LED lamp are obvious. See this following detailed description. The lamps are fixed with appropriate adapter pipes on the operating table and can be adjusted according to the surgeon. Current fluctuations on site are automatically captured and controlled. A long life is guaranteed. CE certified

The LED surgical lights Primaled automatically adjust to the

Current-voltage locally at (100 - 240 volts) and is therefore

sensitive to any fluctuations


The user can also adjust the light intensity itself

Kit-PRIMALED MEDI help 190 764



- 2 OP-Lamps PRIMALED 190 762

- 1 Transport Bag              190 855






Technology for the observation room and minor surgery


The importance of light during surgeries is related to the need to guarantee the reliability of the visual information perceived by the surgeon during the operation.

Proper lighting makes for comfortable working conditions, reduces stress levels, minimizes the feeling of tiredness and increases productivity.

The quality of artificial illumination has primary importance and it is directly proportional to the difficulty of the task requested.

Dimension: 700 x 150 x 430 mm, 10 kg

With its appealing design, PRIMALED is a concentration of unparalleled-performance technology, the best for an observation lamp

It consists of 9 LED lenses split up into two separate 6+3 circuits. The lamp lens has been designed to provide focused and deep lighting. The diameter of the lighted field is 14 cm @ 0.5m. The Ergo_Spring balancing system makes PRIMALED very easy to handle and stable.

PRIMALED is an examination lamp in compliance with Directives 93/42 EEC and 2007/43 EC and is CE marked as a Class 1 medical device.





Light intensity at 0,5m distance (Ec) @ 5.000k                                          86 Klx

Light intensity at 0,5m distance (Ec) @ 4.500k                                          80 klx

Color temperature: double selection                                                         4500 / 5000° K

Color rendering index (CRI)                                                                       95 Ra

d10 light field diameter @50cm (Ec)                                                         140 mm

Total radiated energy Ee where the illuminance reaches max level         225    


Ratio between radiated energy Ee and illuminance Ec (mW/m2lx)          2,80

Primary alternating voltage (V a.c.)                                                           80 ÷ 240 

Secondary continue voltage (V d.c.)                                                         24

Frequency (Hz)                                                                                          50/60

Absorbed power (VA)                                                                                21

Control of the illuminance (%)                                                                   25 – 100 in 6 steps

Directive                                                                                                    2007/47/EC

Standards                                                                                                  IEC60601-2-41 

Classification of product (Medical Device)                                               Class 1

Weight (kg)                                                                                                3,3



Adjusting the light intensity                                                   50.000 hours

Shadow suppression                                                              Sterilizable handle

Asepsis                                                                                   Mechanical testing and user safety

Courtesy light                                                                         IEC 60601-2-41