Little Locker

A logistic revolution


The ideal furniture for a fast, efficient use at low cost, whether it is in military hospitals and clinics, first help tents or areas touched by natural disasters. The storage and transport of this furniture allows space and volume sawings. It can be installed very fast, without any tools. No part has to be added or removed. The MEDI help Hospital Equipment was developed to improve conditions of care around the world. It is patented and CE homologated 



Little Locker MEDI help  250 700

folding, stackable

NSN-6530-12-396-8063                       GTIN Code: 042 6041834 003 7


Created especially to be placed under tents edges. No more lost space now, a lot of things can be stored and locked 

  • Non corrosive steel frame in a choice of epoxy colours

  • Doors in metal sheet with handles

  • Place for padlock

  • Back and side panels in special washable and robust canvas

  • Canvas screwed inside (easy to replace)

  • Dished upper tray (option)

  • Upper tray offers an additional work area

  • Two foldable shelves (lower one adjustable)

  • Cupboard to be quickly folded away

  • Top and lower trays foldable on sides

  • Shelves to be hanged inside (when folded)

  • Strap to maintain cupboard in folded position

  • Dimensions when extended:   928 x 539 x 1005 mm (W x D x H)

  • Dimensions when folded:      1005 x 542 x   188 mm (L x W x T)

  • Stackable when folded

  • Weight: 43 kg

Transport-Storage Cover   250 750




It is possible to stack 2 small cupboard above the other.


To this end, stack profiles in rail form 250 755 

was developed, wich are placed on the right and left upper edge. The Little Locker can not move backward or sideways so.

To forward anti-tilt H-hooks 250 756 are inserted between the cabinet and the roof cross member from the top and connected to the chamber wall.



Transport-Storage Cover            250 750

Lock + 2 numbered keys              250 706

2 Stack profile rail form               250 755

2 H-hooks                                          250 756