Litter Stands             


The Litter-Stands are designed for quick, mobile emergency operation and are volume and saves space in storage and transport. All major stable stretchers can be placed on it. Approved for a total weight of

150 kg.

MEDI help can provided 3 different types Litter Stands:

Litter Stands 120 000      Litter Stands UL 140 000         Litter Stands UL-X  150 000

Litter-Stands MEDI help  120 000

Set of 2 aluminum stretcher-bearers. Stable support for stretchers with patients and more convenient access for the nursing staff. Assembly and disassembly easy.
Each pair Litter-object is secured in the folded state with 3 velcro straps.



Folded:         1100 x 635 x 100 mm  


Built:            Height 910 mm

                    Base width: 590 mm


Weight:        5,2 kg a piece

Each pair Litter-Stands is equipped with a removable

IV Rod 120 110 provided, that is specifically designed

to be fixed in one of the two standard fixing points of each "block", if necessary.


To save space the IV Rod pole is stowed diagonally between the two folded brackets.



                                                          IV Rod  120 110



During operational use, it is possible to work with different stretchers that do not always conform to the standards of STANAG 2040 (NATO stretchers with a width of 565 mm).

So-called disaster stretchers usually have a width of 470 mm. Stretchers of "Doctors Without Borders" on the other hand have a width of 540 or 580 mm.

Thus, the different types of stretchers correctly and safely on the Litter-Stands MEDI help 120 000 can be placed, the curved bearing pipes of different surfaces, with width reduction parts of.

600 mm


490 mm

Thus, we reduced the maximum contact width, so that each stretchers model can be placed safety without great "game" it. The stretcher with patient does not slip during the examination, first aid traitment or surgery.

Even if the substance of the stretcher is not properly tensioned, the back of the patient does not affect the pipe



Set-Mayo MEDI help 120 100


The Set-Mayo 120 100 is packaged in the Transport-Pocket 120 145

and consist of following parts:


Holder for Tablet   120 130    

Special Tray Stainless Steel 120 140

360 x 240 x 12 mm

The holder for the tray can be mounted on the infusion rod.

The fixing screw on the adjusting ring allows setting for any height and direction.


In this bracket the special tray 120 140 of stainless steel can be used for bandages or instruments.


Because of a special folding technique, the tray has no welds in the corners and at the edges can be seen. The tray is washable and can be disinfected.

Special Mattress MEDI help 210 361     


Size 1860 x 600 x 35 mm, RG25

With round sealed PVC sleeve

310 g / m², colour sky blue,

Classified M1

Complete-Set Litter-Stands  MEDI help  120 400


   consisting of:

  • 2 Litter-Stands              120 000

  • 1 IV Rod                       120 110

  • 1 Set-Mayo                   120 100

Special feature:


The Transport-Pocket 120 145once emptied of its contents, can be used as Patient Record Holder for the records of patients tended.

For this, special Fixing straps are provided and can be fixed over the handles of the stretcher,

preferably at the foot end. On the outside of the bag is an open top mounted DIN A4 sheet protector

Example, a graph in Clear part on the outer

side of the Transport-Pocket 120 145

The Litter-Stands pairs can always be stacked against each other and on top of each other. So after 2 more 2 pairs always a horizontal plane has reached.


Each stack Litter-Stands has to be additionally secured for transport and storage with belts for safety.


Litter-Stands UL MEDI help  140 000

Set of 2 aluminum stretcher-bearers. Stable support for stretchers with patients and more convenient access for the nursing staff. Assembly and disassembly easy.

Breite der Auflagefläche einstellbar. Jeder Lagerungsbock ist mit einer Infusionsstange versehen.
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