Mobile Field Operating Table



Special assembly Kit by parachute droppable, air-transportable. Suitable for NATO and others stretchers.

Lightweight and sturdy, with various accessories and multiple applicable options, which can be adapted depending upon need and emergency.

Maid for examinations, first aid, emergency treatments and surgical operations of injured one and victims of disasters in operational area, or mass casualty situations. CE homologated furniture.

OP-Kit MEDI help  190 000



Mobile Field Operating Table



  • Non corrosive Aluminium frame in a choice of epoxy colours

  • Washable, easy to disinfect

  • Fast and simple assembly with no tools

  • Printed marking facilitates the assembly

  • Assemble frames’ element by interlocking secured by button spring

  • Special canvas sheet to collect liquids, or to put away objects

  • Adjust height by jack regulator

  • 3 heights possible for cares 600, 650, 700 mm

  • Trendelenburg/ Anti-Trendelenburg possibilities

  • Big tray for anaesthetics tools

  •  Arm/Leg rest with clamp fixations

  • Tray for surgery instruments

  • Scraps system – shape in “V”

  • Fixation pole in stainless steel

  • Thorax retractor

  • IV Rod

  • Different supports, adaptors, reductors and extensioners

  • Surgery lamps (option Kit-LED)

  • Transport bag with put-away sheet

  • Special box verstile options

  • Only 2 packages 

  • Dimension package 1 / Frame parts: 1120 mm x 400 mm Diam.

  • Dimension package 2 / Verstalie options: 700 x 500 x 130 mm           

  • Weight: 36 kg

OP-Kit, the Mobile Field-Operating Table enables the assembly and using versatile options depending on the use or need of the treatment. 


Please refer to more information on these standard options by downloading our informative brochure in PDF-format 

The following options

are available on request

in addition to the

main product:

Big shelf stainless steel   

190 306










Second IV Rod

190 331



























 4 collars  190 360                       Mounting rail ALU 190 358










2 footrests for births            Oxygen bottle rack       2 sliding feet

190 361                                  190 346                        190 307















Kit - LED MEDI help   190 764




2 Special- LED-Operating-Lamps with adaptors tubes in an special Transport Bag

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FIXING - Set MEDI help   190 500

Modul for urgent evacuation 



The Mobile Field Operating Table, with this option it's possible to form a modul for urgent evacuation  

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OP-Transfer MEDI help     190 400



Special Side rails Pair             120 230