MEDI help provides additional own stackable furniture ideal for the fast, efficient and cost-effective use. Whether in hospitals, in the operations of the Military hospital, at first aid stations or in disaster areas. Especially here mentioned the Stretcher-bed MEDI help.


As a competent partner for armies and care agencies MEDI help have also interesting sells products in exclusive distribution rights.

Here called BranCarry, foldable trolley for NATO stretcher and toilet chairs GR also called transport

Chairs can be used. The furniture is in volume and save space in storage and transport. It can be very quickly assembled and removed without tools by anyone. It must be added or removed, no part. Proprietary Hospitals device for optimal medical care. CE-certified.


Stretcher-Bed MEDI help   190 800



The Stretcher-Bed consisting of a solid unit. Assembly and dismantling, stacking and transport happen without tool requirements. The Stretcher-Bed is even foldable. Up to 20 can be stacked on a special pallet. Easy to maintain, washable and can be disinfected. With a few simple steps, without tools, degradable or collapsible.

  • Corrosion-resistant, anodized in RAL 7035 square profile aluminum / -Steel construction.

  • CE Certified, ISO guidelines established by 9002 standards.

  • Stretcher according to DIN EN13024 and EN 1865 and 1789,

  • with four sliding feet,

  • lockable crossbars,

  • 4 pull-out, fixable handles,

  • 2 adjustable belts.

  • Lying surface 1,955 x 570 mm, divided into three parts,

  • combined 1,955 x 190 mm

  • folded 1.955 x 190 mm

  • Respect of coated polyester fabric

  • Back and foot by double grid system

  • manually several times adjustable

  • Care level as a carrying 200 mm, 550 mm as bed

  • For patients up to 150 kg body weight


Stretcher-Bed lift (with or without it person lying). Press the open button adjustment at one end of the Stretcher-Bed.

This allows the extension of 4 bed feet by special locking elements


Care height 550 mm and safe level is reached 

BranCarry   290 000


foldable trolley for NAOTO Stretchers


NSN- 6530-17-112-7805



Experience and needs of the users have been combined in this particular product.


The request of the army for a simple solution for transporting a stretcher, it enables the manufacturer to put his studies in this particular product.


Small and compact

Foldable and Stackable 



Length  82 cm

Width   66 cm

Height  18 cm




Easy to transport


By the wheels and the low weight of 26 kg of BranCarry™ is easy to carry. Even in hard to reach and uneven areas.




Quick to implement


The BranCarry™ is easy to use and thereby quickly usable.




Ready for use


Ther BranCarry™ ist easely adjustable from 75 cm to 85 cm working height.

Commodes GR

- folding                           GR  52

- folding and stackable GR 192





GR Commodes (toilet chairs) meet all requirements. In addition to the qualitative processing, all models feature the combination of ease of use, proven safety and modern design.

The selected here are in mobile or mobile / foldable. You can not only serve as a commode chair but also as a transport chair. CE-certified

Commodes GR 52


  • Fixed

  • Swing back arm rests

  • Foot rest

  • 4 braked castors

  • Key hole shaped seat hole and bucket

  • Upholstery standard or luxury

  • Finish epoxy coated

Kg:                                                                10/13


Height:                                                              95


Overall width:                                                   63


Length between the 2 inner feet:                      87


Height of the chair legs:                             49 - 52


Length of the arms:                                          47


Inner length:                                                     46


Packaging carton dimensions:               65x65x94




Commodes GR 192

folding, stackable

  • Folding commode chair with wheels

  • Rear braked castors

  • Foot rest

  • Swing back arm rests

  • Liftable armrests

  • Key hole shaped seat hole and bucket

  • Upholstery Luxe

  • Finish epoxy coated

Kg:                                                         14.2


Height:                                                      99


Overall width:                                           57


Length between the 2 inner feet:              87


Height of the chairs legs:                  49 - 52


Length of the arms:                                  47


Inner length:                                             46


Packaging carton dimensions:     124x61x26


Upholstery of the chair:                     Luxury